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Big is relative...

April 8th, 2008 at 05:11 pm

I apologize for being on a pregnant kick here..not exactly financial.

But I was at church Sunday and someone said you look great, barely showing!

I was also in Pa recently and had my mother up, both places I heard from family "you are so big!"

Now no, I do not have rude family, they just have been there for the past 3 pregnancies, and compared to those I am HUGE! Either this is one BIG kid, two small ones, or I am really fat.

I am six foot tall, I have a lot of torso room to store a baby...(I also have hips to match) So while I know that I was showing at 8 weeks, no one else could tell, an inch of 'pooch' looks like nothing to a 5.5 person! Now at 19 inches out (current waist minus old waist) the 'poooch' is a full fledged maternity belly that doesn't fit in most so called maternity shirts but compared to my is rather..small for almost 8 months. At least according to those I see in church. According to those who know me, I aught to have delivered before I got to this size!

I am hoping honestly for two small ones, cause I really think 9lb 1oz is big enough for a kid....though if I can't have two I will settle for being fat..seriously, I can lose weight after the kid is born, but delivery of a huge kid? sorry I just don't want to. For the first time (pregnant) I am dreading labor....

That has to be weird, I didn't dread the first, I figured millions of women have delivered, most without pain meds or even really knowing what was going on. With the advantage of modern science I at least was going into it knowing that each contraction pushed the kid further down the path, and my Doc could even measure how far I had it was all just going to be an unpleasant day (or two) of work. No big.

The second and third were viewed that way too. This one...fear, intense fear. partly because my last kid was short and painful, the pushing was 15 minutes of tearing PAIN.... pain worse than the previous two, And I don't know just exactly what was different to make it so bad..though he was the biggest kid. (first 8lb 13oz, second 8b 1oz, third 9lb 1oz).

6 Responses to “Big is relative...”

  1. sagegirl Says:

    I sympathize. I went into labor with my second six weeks early and I was HUGE. He was 6 weeks premature and, I tell you, I felt a little guilty having an 8 lb 2 oz newborn in the NICU. Seriously, he was in a little room with 4 other babies that were like 3 lbs each. Doc says if he went term, he probably would have been 9.5 lbs. jeez! I LOVE my children, but no more for me, thank you. Hang in there!!

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    No apologies necessary for talking about pregnancies. How else would some clueless like me have known? Big Grin

    However, 9lb 1oz... that's a pretty hefty load there.... Is it frightening that a guy would have a concept of that? Big Grin

    Anyway, hope you are taking it easy anyways. Have you checked the ultrasound, or are you one of those people who don't believe in it?

  3. princessperky Says:

    I am one of those people who doesn't have the insurance option of an me if I did I would gladly get one Smile
    And 9l1o is not as bad as it might seem, remember I am 6 ft tall Smile (and of hardy European stock) It does tend to mean larger kids (I was 10lbs myself at birth - My mom is taller than I)

    Sage, I can just picture it, sorta funny, sorry he was early, but hope all turned out well for you both.

  4. monkeymama Says:

    I would be scared too. My first was such an easy labor and a big strong baby (he was almost 9 pounds). So I kept saying I Wanted another 9 pounder. Everyone thought I Was crazy. But I mean he literally just popped out. LOL. Not a lot of pain. I only labored a couple of hours. I enjoyed having a bigger baby (less delicate; slept well, etc.).

    My second was another story. He took his sweet time and he had the monster head. Oy Vey. I didn't realize why he had been such a difficult delivery until I started getting the head circumference charts. He has always measured 100% - 110%. So yeah, that explains much. It wasn't a terrible labor or delivery, but a LOT worse than my first. Plus he completely obliterated my pelvic muscles on delivery. & I felt much pain I hadn't the first time. I have been asked many times by the Docs if I had a traumatic delivery (since my pelvic muscles are so weak). No - just BIG head. HE was 2 weeks early and barely 8 pounds. So I realize it is less size and more head, now - !!

    Anyway, yeah, after Mr. Big HEad. Not a fan of delivering babies... (& after my first baby I didn't really see the big deal at all. HE was easy peasy). So things change baby to baby.

    Hopefully this one will be nice on you!

  5. Carolina Bound Says:

    My second was the baby with the biggest head in the nursery! I didn't have any more after that....

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    Our youngest child, my baby girl, was a perfect little 6, close to 7 pounder and was perfectly on cue for her expected birth....

    Until the very last day when she decided to end up flat on her back against the uterus!

    Our doctor immediately made the recommendation for a C-section, and off they went!

    From then on, I always knew she'd be a feisty little girly girl.... She's 7 years old now, but yep, she has yet to disappoint in the feisty department. Big Grin

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