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April 10th, 2008 at 04:54 pm

In general I do not like game shows, but I do have few I enjoyed in the past and one current.

As a kid I loved 'wheel of fortune' partly because I was good at it. Let me rephrase that, I liked seeing the letters appear and trying to guess the answer with as few as possible, I could have done without the whole game show portion (and channel flicked to avoid it)

I only partly enjoyed Jepordy, because I rarely knew the answers....Same reason I hate playing trivial pursuit. don't know, don't care is my general answer to questions like "which former queen of england was known to color her hair with henna?" or "who wrote the musical score to 'Citezin cane'?" Sorry I just don't find it a bad thing that I don't know.

Now I do like 'Are you smarter than a 5th grader'. Though again, I could do without the 'drama' and such, I just enjoy know a good deal of the answers and take (I know it is wrong) pleasure in poking fun at contestants who use a cheat for a first grade question (did you know not all carrots are orange?)

So when it came time to make a trivia game for the scouts I picked 'are you smarter than a Webelos' (Webelos are the top level of cub scouting, before you move on to boy scouts) it just so happens that with bobcat, there are 5 levels of cubs. (bobcat, tiger, wolf, bear, Webelos) and for the million dollar question we will use 'leader questions'.

So having picked the game, and coming up against writers block on the possible questions (I am about half way satisfied with the number) I turned to figuring out the prize structure. I had no idea how hard it could be!

A straight ramp up offers less and less incentive to keep playing as you go on. (risk losing 60% to only gain 10 more..) but if you try to make it 'double' up you are at the max too fast (our max is 100% of their new rank book plus their next rechartering fee). And if you try to cheat and borrow the game show structure, your prize one is 1% off a book...who cares about 1% off a 5 dollar book!

So these are the conundrums that I face in my 'unrewarding' home life Smile

My current best theory is to use only one Q per level (instead of two like the show) and start at 10% working up to 100% for the Webelos Q (5th Q) and then instead of the 'Million Dollar Question' offer 'The Recharter Question'.

1 10%
2 25%
3 50%
4 75%
5 100%
6 Recharter

prolly gonna keep the concept that if you make it to 25% you keep it no matter what.

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