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forgot to order stuff for the birthday party

April 23rd, 2008 at 03:25 pm

So here I am with only 4 days till the party and I have to find, locally, treasure for a dragon lair, fabric to make said lair (brown or gray aught to make a nifty cave draped over some stuff right?)

And we would like to make dragon eggs, so I need dragons that fit into eggs (and eggs for them to be in) I found a recipie that recommends some 'goo' to put in the egg with the dragon so it is more fun than just opening an egg.

Plus some sort of dragon making supplies...I am hoping construction paper and tubes will work. guess I need to pick up some glue.

4 Responses to “forgot to order stuff for the birthday party”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Hmm what? Dragon eggs? I assume they're not the edible kind. Big Grin What kind of dragons by the way? Sponge? Plastic? Are you going to use plastic Easter type eggs?

    I'm just having a hard time visualizing this, that's all. Big Grin

  2. princessperky Says:

    We will use what we can find!

    I hope Easter type eggs...I have some, as for the dinos, I hope plastic, sponge might absorb the 'goo'....

    and if you are having trouble imagine the panic I am in with only 4 days to make, bake, crate, and buy stuff!

  3. toyguy1963 Says:

    They have magic egg type things in Wal Mart's toy dept. that are pretty much what you are looking for. But they are like 4 bucks an egg so it probably wont help. You might want to take a look at that stuff though to get an idea of how to make your own.

  4. miclason Says:

    Dollar stores here generally have those bags of plastic animals in different sized (with the most popular ones being dinosaurs and farm animals)... a couple of those bags and, if you cannot find the easter type eggs, you could use egg cartons. That would definetely save time (and money!)

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