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If he doesn't feel special...I give up!

April 25th, 2008 at 04:49 pm

Birthdays are sorta a big deal here, and sorta not.

On the one hand you always get dinner of your choice, and a cake on the day of your birthday, plus a present from mom and dad. (and the family sings)

Generally the next event (Sunday school, music class, scouts, whatever) there are homemade cupcakes, though this year with me feeling so bad we made brownies instead..

Then their usually is a party, with a birthday kid picked theme (we guess for the younger years) cake is decorated to fit, and there are always balloons. The balloons are because my son is certain there aught to be balloons at a birthday. We had them for his and his sisters and so next was a tradition, be careful traditions can start over anything done once!

So for GMC this year, he picked dragons. we have an "Inn of the flaming dragon" sign for the kitchen, we will be making dragons out of tubes and construction paper and fasteners at the party. Hopefully dragon eggs will be 'hatched' from an 'incubator' and then a 'dragon lair' will be found with a mysterious that we made yesterday.

The map is really cool, I am quite proud of it. We used the back of an old roll of wallpaper, happened to be a nice old looking off white. The kids drew different landmarks and I labeled it. Then we took it to a candle and burned it all up. Not enough to ruin the words, but enough to make it look old. I also dumped some of the ash back on it and dripped a bit of candle wax over it. looks very dirty now and dusty, like it has been around for ages rather than freshly made yesterday.

And yesterday making the map I was again reminded of why I like much more efficient. After a morning covering adding and subtracting mixed numbers, pluralizing Spanish nouns, reviewing capitalization and comma rules, among other things, we still had all the time in the world to make a map.

2 Responses to “If he doesn't feel special...I give up!”

  1. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    Hey! I hope the kids remember all this when Mother's Day rolls around! (OK, maybe when they are parents themselves).

  2. nanamom Says:

    theyll remember just try to get a photographer there!!

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