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how do you pick a car?

July 9th, 2008 at 05:27 pm

When you look at a car on a website, from the dealer or manufacture, certain information is easy to find, other information is downright impossible for me to find (maybe it's just me?)

I figure if it is easy to find in most sites it is prolly a 'FAQ' type question. Most folk want to know. so based on my informal browsing of cars/vans/trucks.

Gas mileage is pretty important these days. straight after the name, and long before the 'base price' you can find the city/hwy mileage.

the availability's of CD changers, and ipod hookups, along with the number of ways to move each seat, is fairly important. one mouse over gives you these details.

But the one thing I need to many does it seat. that is hidden, I often have to search wiki, or hope someone in some area listed a car and thought it important on craigslist or ebay to find out how many seats in a car!

Why do people not care? I mean don't you think it is important to know how many you can transport in a car before you worry what the mileage is? the greatest little prius or whatever the gas saver is, doesn't do me one lick of good, with 2 car seats, and 2 boosters, plus a husband and self, there is no way I would pay any amount for it!

This is not to diss little cars, it is to diss makers of big cars who hide the number of seat belts for their they can convince me that because they have the coolest TV/video game hookup I should just buy there car even though I can only fit half my family in it? grumph.

5 Responses to “how do you pick a car?”

  1. gamecock43 Says:

    I never thought about it. But I dont have a big family. I "assume" the amount of available seats based on the outside of the car. In general: 2 upfront, 3 if it's a truck, 3 behind the driver, 3 behind that if its a minivan.

  2. nanamom Says:

    Most people don't need 6 seat belts! Most are happy with 4. I'm so glad you didn't stop at 4 seat belts!

  3. tripods68 Says:

    Rather looking from the outside in, look at it based on your own family needs instead. I have two young toddlers which requires two baby seats. We decided to upgrade from Nissan Murano which was okay before we had our second child. So we upgraded to a Honda Odyssey where it can sit up to 8 people (6 would be more comfortable thoug). The rest of extra spaces were nice additions since we like to take short mini-vacation with kids toys and stuff. So space is very important to us. We didn't buy our Van to primarily to save gas. We bought for space, comfort, reliability, and safety measures. It just happens our Odyssey happens to give us 23 MPG best on its class which was again extra things to know.

    With regard to how to pick cars, i think you also have to do your own research and not depend so much online. That's not to say Online research is not helpful at all, I use it all time time, and that's how i negotiated my price when we bought our Honda. Eventually, you have to test drive it, and check all the things you need (i.e., 5 seatbelts, ipods, side-curtain airbags, stability traction control, etc.) It's up to you whether it meets your family needs and instead of the dealership conspiring to hide the number of seatbelts to the consumer. I don't that's true at all. That's not say that we don't have "shady" dealerships either. I'm sure we do. As a consumer, you have every right to inspect cars or do your own due deligience before buying and negotiate in full faith.

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    Um, for me, I go to, enter my zip code and narrow down the search to "Civic" or "Corolla". Then I see how much they want for it and how much I can afford. At least, that's what I plan to do when it comes time to replace my car. It's getting closer and closer, but with this method, I also have an idea of how much I should be saving....

    (I just realized that you have 4 kids. My bad. Change the car models to something more appropriate, such as the Toyota Sienna.)

  5. princessperky Says:

    yeah, but how do you know you want a civic or carolla? what is a civic or carolla anyway? I really know nothing about cars.

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