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I 'need' a hard drive...kinda?

July 11th, 2008 at 06:33 pm

Well for the past year I have had to constantly clear the temp files and find dups to delete before I load up a new game, sometimes my husband does it for me and I can load two new games.

But then I also have to constantly chase files downloaded from the net to move them to the 'F' drive. (F is my other hard drive, where I store all of 'my documents')

So I have been wondering when I should give in and get a new hard drive.

Now to non computer geeks you can compare the size of my drive to a junk drawer, and the size of those sold in computers today to a walk in closet! Ok not that bad more like a full dresser compared to one small drawer. Of course my first computer had enough space to store data as a coin purse does to store junk. So small is relative.

For computer geeks I have a 20gig, looking at spending less than a hundred on a new one. (depending on sales and where I get it the size could vary)

BTW I am NOT a computer geek, I just married one.

Anyway, I am struggling with when to get that hard drive. On the one hand I use a lot of drive space for scouts, and the kids use a decent amount for games, ok fine and so do I. But on the other hand, I could delete the games and have that space for the scouts stuff.

but...I don't want to, so I am rationalizing how I 'need' a hard drive. Proving that relativly frugal/financially smart folk still have trouble with need vs want.

4 Responses to “I 'need' a hard drive...kinda?”

  1. anonymouse Says:
    1215801705 usually has really good prices. my DH is a computer geek too!

  2. debtfreeme Says:

    Can you put the boy scouts things on a jump drive or thumb drive and keep them off the main computer?

    Are there things you don't use or programs not needed your husband can delete?

    ANd can i borrow your husband to fix mine??

  3. nanamom Says:

    How about a flash drive for the scout stuff? Or one boy scout flash one girl scout flash?
    Or did I just prove that I too am not a computer geek?

  4. princessperky Says:

    a Flash drive (jump drive thumb thinngie) would hold the files and in fact after you suggested it, I think it will help with my two computer problem I can save all files and carry them to share or print or whatever, but the bulk of my hardrive is taken up with games and game files, so...I do still need a hard drive.

    But thanks for the idea, it will help.

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