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A no spend day

July 22nd, 2008 at 04:25 pm

All that paypal-ing the other day was the first I spent in eons..generally I get to escape because I carry the baby, my husband spends.

But if we include his spending...well at first glance I would assume 2 or 3 spending days per week...

This month on the other hand is terrible. we had out of town company, so we went grocery shopping an extra time or two.

already spent:

Sunday-treated company to taco bell
Monday - grocery shopping to restock milk (and chocolate)

Projected spending:

Tuesday - grocery's to restock on veggies (we don't like the veggies at the other store.)
Wednesday - ??
Thursday - Fill up on milk and such for the weekend company (new ones)

Though this company is my mom, so she will prolly do the treating for any eating out we do. Not that she has to, just she tends to.

It doesn't look so bad now that I write it...4 days of spending. I wonder if I am right and an average week really is just 2 days. I should prolly keep track.

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