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So who's bright idea was that anyway?

August 7th, 2008 at 05:31 pm

Yesterday my husband needed to go to the store, and he asked one kid to go with him. Well both wanted to so off they all went. (UE at 2yrs is too young to be more than a PIA at the store and of course El 2 months stays with me for a good long while) The house was amazingly quiet, I never thought 'only' two kids would seem empty, but it was.

When they finally got back there was treats that apparently Daddy let the kids pick.

A French 'baguette' and peaches, plus two extra flavors of yogurt. Plus cheese sticks.

I just found an old copy of our budget from 2006, not that long ago, but oh so different. then I had 400 for grocerys and gas combined, there were no fresh peaches or fancy breads allowed. Now, I think gas alone is over 400 and groceries?

I try not to think about it, sure we watch for sales, but we also eat a TON of fresh fruit, veggies, and whole wheat 'stuff'. none of which are really cheap. It is nice t be able to afford to let the kids try dragon fruit, or frozen raspberries.

If I ever did want to cut down, I would just make the kids stay home! If they were asking for junk food I would say no, but..mangoes? berries? yogurt? (healthy version, not hte sugar stuff) How can I say no to trying new healthy things?

3 Responses to “So who's bright idea was that anyway?”

  1. momcents Says:

    Boy, can I relate. This is my second month into whole foods (no preservatives, convience foods, etc) I'm buying plain yogurt and letting the kids add diced fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, etc.) My 3 year old now helps himself to clementines instead of looking for crap snacks. Our gas is up a lot too, but I find my cutting out a lot of the processed foods I have more room for indulgences. I am seeing that is well worth it.

  2. monkeymama Says:

    My kids have always loved grocery shopping. The rule is they can get a treat if it is on sale. At 3 & 5 they can spot a sale a mile away. LOL. But they don't necessarily ask every time either. & they don't only ask for treats. We got on this 15-bean soup kick because they saw the beans on sale and wanted to try them. In that sense they have helped us save money. Wink

  3. nanamom Says:

    My son begged for peaches yesterday at the grocery store. It feels sooooooooooo good to have that happen instead of dreading the candy aisle.

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