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on call costs

August 11th, 2008 at 04:09 pm

Many computer jobs have someone 'on call' for the after hour emergencies or just plain to make someone be in charge off all the folk who want their password reset NOW.

Many companies pay for simply carrying the phone.

My husband just gets paid when he answers the phone, in general that means we get overtime the week he carries it, and overtime is a good thing.

BUT this time the bloody phone rang right as we got to the store, and he had to go be at a computer all that gas to drive to the store and he had to turn around and come back!

Plus it rang while we were at church and for some reason the church internet was down, so he had to drive home to work, then back to get us later on..not cool.

I think if they want him on a computer that fast they should pay for a wireless card to connect to the internet for a laptop. or at least pay him to just carry it, so wasting gas wont be losing money.

4 Responses to “on call costs”

  1. my english castle Says:

    I agree. Is this something he can propose?

  2. gruntina Says:

    Does the phone have internet? usually you can hook that to the laptop without a card if it is a smart phone.

  3. Broken Arrow Says:

    Oooh, yeah, he can totally geek out with something like a OQO with a built-in EDVO rev. A wireless card. Preferably with a solid state hard drive and a docking station.

    Don't look at the price!

    Just... marvel at
    Text is wonder that is technology and Link is
    wonder that is technology!

  4. princessperky Says:

    Heh, as long as they are paying for it why not!

    truth is, no he doesn't even have a smart phone Frown
    The stupid thing wont even lock!

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