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interesting finance quote

August 12th, 2008 at 05:34 pm

Wile wasting time avoiding work today I came across a finance quote, the line that caught my eye, happened to be broken up by ads or something...

Text is success soul and Link is
success soul

Don’t most of our financial woes come from our desire to spend beyond our means to repay what we borrow? When we spread our legs......

This being a family friendly site I can't tell you what I was thinking when I got to that point, but I can let you read the rest of the sentence:

beyond the reach of our blanket, we’re prone to harsh treatment from nature.

It doesn't help that much...but

The next time I am tempted to waste money eating out or whatever, I will simply remember how harsh it can be when I err, extend my legs. That aughta keep me under my own blanket.

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  1. HELPmeFriend Says:

    Mark Twain was a brilliant man, even if he was a little silly!

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