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You could drinkless milk.....

August 22nd, 2008 at 02:39 pm

We drink a lot of milk. When we couldn't afford much we only drank 4 gallons a week (4 drinkers at the time)

then we got a raise or two and life was a bit we upped it to 5 gallons a week. Then we got another raise....

Now we could buy more milk, but I am trying to convince my husband not to. You see going without milk for one day saves a trip to the store, the longer we go between store trips the less we spend.

While I like milk, I would rather have some spare money to pay off the car or something.

4 Responses to “You could drinkless milk.....”

  1. Personal Finance Student Says:

    Have you tried mixing reconstituted powdered milk with fresh milk? I started mixing 1/2 powdered and 1/2 fresh milk about 2 months ago and my husband never noticed. If you reconstitute the powder with water, then mix it with 2% or whole milk and let it chill in the frig, it takes on flavor of the fresh milk. I pay $3/gallon, which translates to 75 cents a quart; I pay about 64 cents a quart for powdered milk. (I just get the Wal-Mart GV brand in premeasured amounts.) So, in essence, I get two gallons for $5.56 or $2.78/gal. It's not the biggest savings, but it may help a little and your kids may not notice the difference IF they don't see you mixing the milk!

  2. fern Says:

    PFS, i have been meaning to try powdered milk, mainly to save $, for some time now after reading about it a few times.

    Perky, to reduce your driving trips, why don't you buy more milk and provided you have room in the freezer, freeze an extra gallon or two? A local store was selling a gallon here for $3 so i stocked up recently, even tho i have been drinking organic rice milk for ages with my cereal, but that goes for $1.25 a quart when it's on sale, so the non-organic skim beat that price and i'm afraid i'm giving up some of my organic habits to rein in spending.

  3. princessperky Says:

    We buy 6 gallons at a time...there is no room for more! though even if there were he would just drink it....I could try the powdered, but....there is no time where I have no kids or husband at all..something I find increasingly annoying.

  4. nanamom Says:

    I tried the half powder half regular once and my older sister swore by it. My kids refused to drink it and as I recall wouldn't drink the milk at my sisters either. Perhaps you could just get the extra gallon at a conveniece store near home and skip the shopping trip. I realize it is more expensive per gallon there but you have no "extra" spending then so might be cheaper in the long run, certainly would save gas.

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