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Good thing it was expensive

September 8th, 2008 at 05:16 pm

While we were at the store finding a present for my brother in law, we happened to pass by two things.

One was a game system similar to what my mother brought down on her last two visits.
My son never has the patience to listen to electronic voices telling him what to do. Even though he will play the computer or even his cousins game systems for hours, he will never sit to play a children's game. So he doesn't have one.

My daughter on the other hand sat down and actually played the thing, the games tend to start right under her level and go up through right above her level. so I thought it would be worth it for her. But I am not paying 70$ for one. I imagine an older version can be found on Ebay for less, but I hate ebay.

Then on the way out we passed a soft, pretty pink blanket. It would exactly match Els pink pig, and would be perfect for her. I was going to check and see if it was a throw (perfect for cribs) or a twin sized for when she was older when I saw the $70 price tag, IF I am not paying 70 for an electronic game you can be sure I am NOT paying that much for a blanket!

Now I am sure there are some items of high quality or maybe handmade, that are worth that much, but a chain store mass produced blanket? I doubt it is worth that.

Oh so the whole reason I am glad it is expensive..I didn't buy any of it! Well ok I did buy a bag of dark chocolate MnM's. they were only 2 bucks.

2 Responses to “Good thing it was expensive”

  1. thriftorama Says:

    I agree. $70 is tooooo much. I had my MIL make a Muppets quilt for our bean. She loves to do that stuff, and the fabric isn't that expensive.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    That is an awful lot for a quilt. But I'm sure the M&Ms were worth it.

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