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Swimming in laptops

September 11th, 2008 at 05:08 pm

So you might wonder why a middle class family with 4 rug rats has a ton of laptops but no debt for them.

I believe it is the phenomenon of the tech geek husband. You see he fixes a fellows computer issue, and then a few months later gets a laptop. Or he builds one for a friend, then gets it back two years later when the upgrade happens.

Plus he has two for work (one crashes on an application, the other locks up for something else, they humor him because he doesn't ask for top of the line, he fixes the old cast offs)

The desktops we did pay for 5ish years ago? Not sure on the date, as we hardly ever buy a whole computer at once, just parts. I think the last upgrade was 2 years ago, but the monitor was a pre UE purchase. yes I meant monitor singular, a dude with 2 laptops doesn't need a dedicated monitor, neither does his wife with her three. so two cases one monitor.
(which is dyeing, causing me to switch to the laptop unless I am printing, I have got to ask him to tell me how to print from the laptop.)

Nothing is top of the line, but all are serviceable. I gave the little laptop to the kids, not fast but works on the old kiddie games we have. plus they can set it all up by themselves (well not UE)

So there you have it, why we are swimming in free laptops.

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