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Junk email about junk email

September 22nd, 2008 at 04:36 pm

Folks forwarding emails should be reserved for close friends who care, or at least ones you are sure will giggle.

Sening me a non forwarder an email reminding me NOT to forward is a pure waste of both our times!

Please please, stop using the 'all' function of your email, I highly doubt the wife of your old sunday school teacher wants to read yet another email petition.

even if you do think I will enjoy the read, please remove the 'forward or else' line.

Oh yeah, please please learn to use the Bcc function, B is for Blind, meaning others can't see it. unless we all need each others emails (IE scout leader ring) use Bcc (scout parents)
and no sending an email with a bunch of handles to congress wont do any good.

1 Responses to “Junk email about junk email”

  1. debtfreeme Says:

    I find it so funny when people forward on those petitions to sign via email. Petitions with out a valid signature are worthless and what is the point of doing it via email when you send it to 40 people with all the previuos signatures? then we have 40 copies of the same information with one new name? Ridiculous.

    please, just have people set up a website where they can enter their information and it can be printed at the otehr end.

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