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Feathers and flowers (phoenix)

September 25th, 2008 at 11:05 pm

Well the kids party is coming soon.

The final theme(s) is (are) flowers, easy and phoenix/feathers..not so easy. though possibly easier than fireworks. (we do combined because they are not that far apart in age and close in date of bday)

so far I have bright invitations combining the two. well they look ok to this non artist.

Craft for JC is make a flower with maybe tissue paper? with bumble bees from pompoms for UE.

A game of pin the tail (feather) on the phoenix UE, or bee on flower for JC.

But I still would like a craft for UE, he wants to make a feather hat... wonder how to word that so it is a phoenix thing?

Plus I would like another game....never found pin the tail to take long.

Any suggestions?

Also any hints on how to make a phoenix on a cake? I can do the flower fairly easy.

oooh I just saw a 'bouquet relay' kids all take turns running to fill a vase with flowers...

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  1. mbkonef Says:

    No specific ideas but check out Family Fun magazines online website. They usually have tons of ideas for party games and crafts.

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