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October 8th, 2008 at 05:18 pm

My compost doesn't make near enough dirt to fill in the cracks that this desert has. So I wondered over to the empty lot next door wondering if cutting down the bushes or weeds there would be worth it, and I discovered a pile of grass clippings! Apparently someone in the nearby houses dumps their lawnmower bag right next door!

I dug up a few layers moved it over to my yard to fill in some spots, now it may not really turn into good dirt seeing as how I just dumped and ignored it, but at least for the next while all the rain will wash away crass clippings, not dirt. might keep the erosion down a bit longer.

What I really need is a tree or two, some trees formed on their own down the hill, and are doing rather well, though I have doubts about the two within a foot of each other, they are all taller than my younger son (3ish feet) but, the two close ones are dry and leaves already turning brown.

Unfortunately I cannot grow a thing, all my attempts fail, except the lilies, which while they don't prosper they are at least still alive. So it makes no sense for me to go buy a tree, I just have to hope one gets itself planted and grows enough to be noticeable before I mow it down.

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  1. nanamom Says:

    Check to see if any companies in your area give trees away. Our local paper mill does it and so does one of the nature centers near us.

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