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Set your own price for pumpkins

October 17th, 2008 at 05:16 pm

Every year we visit a smallish pumpkin patch near our house.

This year we got a free hay ride, nothing extraordinary, but JC and UE's first experience (ok so JC was on one at 10ish months, but that really doesn't count and El was there this time, but again, doesn't count)

Plus we bought some honey, I have read some tentative research suggesting eating honey from local bees is good for allergies, not sure if it works, but it wont hurt. I like supporting local bees anyway.

So the price for 4 smallish pumpkins and one carving pumpkin, and a hay ride, a maze, and a thing of honey?

It is always set your own....seriously.

We said $25 because that's how much cash we had. Truth is looking at their suggested pricing, we would have owed about that, but we have in the past suggested a price and been told it was to which we always reply then we will get another pumpkin!

I think it is an awesome concept, they have our sales every year because of the set your own. I love supporting a local farm, and I love the experience and fun of spending an entire morning outside finding the pumpkins.

6 Responses to “Set your own price for pumpkins”

  1. dmontngrey Says:

    That's a neat concept!

  2. thriftorama Says:

    I love pumpkin patches. We just got back from the Circleville Pumpkin Show,a nd now have an arm load of carving pumpkins.

  3. gamecock43 Says:

    I would think maybe that works in a high income area- but otherwise people would take advantage and really low ball offer their purchases.

  4. simpleyme Says:

    thats neat ;-)

    working with the general public in retail has made me lose all faith in humanity whenever i give anyone any leeway they always rip us off at every chance
    its nice that some businesses may be able to work well with that model tho very old timey fun ;-)

    we buy our pumkins from a place close by that sells huge pumpkins for just 2 dollars each and assorted gourds and small pumkins for 25 cents usually there is no one there you just put the money in a box that is locked to a tree;-)

  5. princessperky Says:

    I think it works because pumpkins are bloody cheap to grow. once he sells a day or two the rest is profit, so sure some folk cheat, but others pay more, and in the end he still makes money.

    Big buisness get mad if one or two folk to pony up enough, small ones tend to just be happy they make a profit.

  6. pretty cheap jewelry Says:

    This year I clipped a coupon in the local mailer for a BOGO at the temporary 'pumpkin patch' in town. Never went there before cause the prices are usually high. Pleasantly surprised this time, $6 pumpkins were BIG BIG BIG and I got two for six bucks.

    They offered to mail me a coupon directly next year. I said YES

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