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Get him something he needs, DON't Save it..

October 24th, 2008 at 04:47 pm

Err, excuse me, but A. My kids don't Need anything, I can provide for them just fine. And B. He needs a financial education far more than yet another trinket!

I really can not stand the mentality that asking a child to save is tantamount to torture. Really, you have got to be kidding me. I don't even require 50%! (not that I see anything wrong with 50%)

For every dollar that comes in about 20% is savings, 10%ish is charity, and for the older two some is dues for scouts, the rest is theirs to spend. With the possible exception of two short term loans I made for a dollar or two for J, and to replace an item for G (he broke it, he paid to replace it) I do not see any reason why they need anything!

Other than a financial education, can they honestly not see how important it is? Especially in light of the hassle credit has gotten so many into which is all over the news today.

Sure I understand if you give the gift of money you want a person to enjoy it, not sock it away and ignore it, but if you wanted them to play with it, you should have asked mom or dad for an idea of a toy.....

While I don't have quite as many ideas as relatives wanting to buy I have a few, first and foremost his favorite gift would be an afternoon cooking with you. Yes I typed that right, he would LOVE to cook with someone, preferably someone who lets him make a bigger mess than mommy.

If you can't give him two hours of your time, then how about you not complain when those of us in charge of his education use that money as another learning experience?

3 Responses to “Get him something he needs, DON't Save it..”

  1. nanamom Says:

    I so wish I could spend 2 hours cooking or anything else with each of my grandkids. I understand the save thing. I also understand the buy quality thing you do. It is hard to be far away and want to treat those you love and not know how to. I hope to move next year and then be closer to my loved ones so I can treat them with my time.

  2. anonymous Says:

    I count my child lucky to have a Grandma who has barely enough money for herself so that she gives my child things like a puppet made from a lunch bag with a cute puppy face drawn on it, a "tent" made out of old dresses (one was mine when I was a child)to go over the card table, and an oatmeal can full of empty plastic containers and plastic scoops from detergent boxes--which makes up a kit for playing with the pebbles and sand at the playground. This helps teach my kid creativity and self-reliance. It is anti-commercialism.

  3. princessperky Says:

    wonderful ideas for kid gifts!

    I am sure my kids would love that sort of thing (especially if they got to help make it, or had someone to play with it and them!)

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