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Veterans day parade

November 11th, 2008 at 06:24 pm

Actually the parade was Saturday. Because there is apparently mail service on Veterans day and it isn't a holiday.

Now I am not that enamored of the war nor am I all fired up about Veterans at any time, not even the holiday. But it seems to me that of all the things to support with a day off...I kinda think Veterans deserve some respect.

At least the schools were off.

We marched in the parade Saturday with both the GS and the BS, which having two younger children was interesting. I 'wore' EL in the sling and husband had the wonderful job of 'walking with' (meaning carrying) UE. Now UE really can walk quite a bit, but between the wait of an hour and the parade of a mile, he was more than tuckered out. Not to mention the pace!

The GS were chanting during the parade and if we had gone any faster I wouldn't have had the breath to keep up!

I dunno if parades are always walked that fast (the JROTC folk marched, we just race walked) Or if it was just this one, but man I found it a challenge myself.

Next year we plan to use the troop/den meeting before hand to make posters and talk up why we are marching. We saw some really nice displays while waiting.

2 Responses to “Veterans day parade”

  1. ME2 Says:

    Have to wonder about where you live? As there is always school in this area on Veteran's Day and NO mail delivery whatsoever.

  2. nanamom Says:

    We had no mail and no school well those who go to school didnt have to go. Us home schoolers had school. I figured the vets probably had to work (not to mention the future vets) so we would. I wish there had been a parade here. How cool that your 2 older ones got to march. I remember when I was little my Dad would put on his uniform (WW II) and go stand on the road when the parade went past.

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