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I gotta balace the good with the bad, besides JC still isn't working

November 20th, 2008 at 09:55 pm

-My kids do 'worksheets' in all sorts of places so we have a few clipboards, one is the old kind with the big silver 'clip'. And GMC thought it was loads of fun to tilt it up and down and goof off while he should have been working on writing.

So why is this a good part of my day? because learning about

Text is 'fun house' and Link is
'fun house' effects is more useful than knowing how to write neatly in today's computer world, besides it made us smile.

-I do let my kids in on mathematical shortcuts, but they don't always remember them. Today the whole simple fast way to
Text is multiply by 100 and Link is
multiply by 100 was forgotten by GMC for some reason.

So I told him to multiply the old fashioned way (write it down) Of course you aught to know, no one in the house likes to write things down, his math is always a problem number beside a final answer, with the occasional barely legible scratch work somewhere else on the paper.

I said "multiply by 1"

him-6.2 but..." more whining

Me- "now multiply by 10, write it down
* 6.2 (stacked)

and do the work"

him- ....62..

Me- "OK now "

Him interrupting- "Never mind I can do it now."

2 Responses to “I gotta balace the good with the bad, besides JC still isn't working”

  1. mbkonef Says:

    My son hates to do his math if he has to use scrap paper and a pencil but somehow it is a whole other story if he can write the problems out on a marker board. I don't ask, I just tell him to get the marker board. (I think he likes erasing on it?)

  2. nanamom Says:

    Whatever works! My DS2 reads poorly in his seat but can't be beat on my lap, guess where we have reading class! Seriously I have also revamped approach to school several times also and expect to do it again! Patience isn't the key, flexibility is!

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