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Maybe we should talk about problems more

November 20th, 2008 at 04:04 pm

I keep hearing "I don't have patience to homeschool". Which is the funniest thing, I have no patience yet I homeschool!

Maybe I should let you all in on the big day isn't all cooperative kids or ingenious ways to get them to cooperate.

In fact this whole week my daughter has been a royal PIA. Seriously, between forgetting how to write double digit numbers (81 and 18 are not the same) and ignoring work entirely, I am not sure one productive activity has occurred without punishment in days!

Right now I am escaping dealing with her sitting on the floor talking instead of sweeping. My first response would be yell, then punish, along with a lot more yelling. I have no patience for this sort of thing, I figure the simple concept work first then play aught to do the trick, but nope we have to have a battle over cleaning up the food she dropped. (and that is why I am online ignoring it till I work up the strength to speak with her sans yelling)

But, 'this too shall pass'. Last week GMC was the one not working. Kids take turns so far as I can tell. Not that GMC isn't driving me batty right now, he seems to have forgotten how to divide this week. Something he has been doing for eons.

Again 'this too shall pass'. He learned then forgot then relearned how to subtract with borrowing (I was so surprised at how easily his sister picked that one up!)

And UE simply will not memorize his alphabet...I know he is young yet, but really after all this time, I am a bit bored repeating it! Not to mention he STILL pees when asleep (nap or night).

I think 'this too shall pass', I know it took JC forever to learn her alphabet (they all knew the letters long before the order) On the PTing.... well I have heard some boys bladders take awhile o mature?

Little El, on the other hand is adorably content, patient, and gives me a perfect excuse not to yell, mainly that she is nursing right now Smile. Unfortunately....'this too shall pass'!

So please don't tell me you have no patience, all parents have enough, relax, type a blog post or something, then go back to the repetitive life that is the job of raising kids.

"This too shall pass.....I hope"

11 Responses to “Maybe we should talk about problems more”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    This is really funny - and relevant, because DH and I have decided to homeschool our kids next school year. I am a planner and rather than set myself up for failure and ruin the academics for this year, we will start the next academic year. I will have a 6th grader, 5th grader (who is bright and bored) and a 2nd grader (who has a significant speech impairment and is having a difficult time learning to read). And there are two smaller ones as well. I was really confident and excited yesterday, but today I had the "am I crazy" pit in the stomach feeling. I have the name of another homeschool family from our parish, and I've talked to admissions at the parochial high school, etc. DH did forward me a list of Pros and Cons and one of them is "You will be with your children all the time". So what advice do you have for me?

  2. thriftorama Says:

    I could never home school. I can't wait until the bean goes to school and I can have freedom again!

  3. miclason Says:

    LOL! I must say....
    T H A N K S

    Before I read your blog, I always thought learning could only take place in an "orderly" and "structured" environment... you've shared so many great tips/stories/experiences... I'm sure there are tons of stuff that Ale has learned that she wouldn't have if YOU hadn't helped me realize that my preconception was wrong!!
    (oh, and, just so you know, you'r "infectious"... a couple of friends have seen me take advantage of "teachable moments" and commented on it, so now they're starting to do that, too!)

  4. princessperky Says:

    Miclason, thanks it helps to know my rambling works for others, I would love to convert the world to teaching all the time Smile
    Mom-sense, best advice I can give is "Relax!"..that and start early..meaning I wouldn't wait for next year, but at the least start thinking of how to learn NOW, and start reading to them/with them visiting neat places, and most important start learning yourself!

    Honestly it takes time for kids to get used to being home (for one thing they will be around to push your buttons, all day and you theirs) so giving yourself time to adjust to the idea of how to get alone time (mine is nap time, older ones read) and how to incorporate learning into chores (from singing the alphabet while mopping to figuring out how many towels could be folded in an hour based on what you just completed together in 15)

    This stuff doesn't happen overnight, you need to practice it, adapt it, and keep what works for you.

    When all goes wrong (and there will be days like that), remember your worst day is better than a good day at school...really. At least better than an average day.

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Homeschooling parents need to frequently ask themselves, "Is this important NOW?" Like: is it important now that the alphabet be learned in order? Has the child a crucial need to do some file clerking next week? Is this the only way you can think of right now to teach about linear order, and all the rest of her progress in learning hinges on that?....Being able to follow the honest needs of the child (instead of the needs of the teacher or the curriculum) is one of the huge advantages of HSing over institutional schooling....A lot of aggravation and pressure can be removed from the parents if they can allow themselves to see that there are multiple very good routes to take in educating their child....Replicating the way the parents learned might work well, but there might be very different ways. Patience comes easier when your perception of what is valuable learning is less tied to an agenda (or a curriculum.)....I don't mean this a as lecture to you PP, as you understand this already. I do see Mom-sense's anxiety linked to your momentary impatience. Mom-sense perhaps fears an endless stream of moments at loggerheads with her kids. I just want to get her to relax a little and understand that rigidity about academics is one of the things that can bring impatience, and even anger. Over planning can make you feel a failure when HSing does not turn out in the real world as it looks in your mind.

  6. princessperky Says:

    Excellent point Joan. I have changed the details of 'how' we homeschool more times than I can count! (truthfully, not planning specifics more than a week or two at a time works best)

  7. Petunia Says:

    ""Is this important NOW?" Like: is it important now that the alphabet be learned in order? Has the child a crucial need to do some file clerking next week? "

    This made me laugh! Fortunately Daisy has had no need for file clerking.

  8. mom-sense Says:

    I appreciate all perspectives on homeschooling and JoA made some good points. I already see that following that "rigid linear route" to reading and spelling isn't working with my little guy who has a significant phonological impairment. He has the best success at this point with rhyming words (loves Dr Suess) and at this point I don't want his self esteem to hinge on the fact that he can't spell "doesn't".

    Thanks, PP, for the "Relax" statement. I can chill; it will all work out. I am considering the time until I start as my own education.

  9. nanamom Says:

    What a super blog post. I really enjoyed reading it. A woman was visiting me and wanted to show me how her child was learning (somehow being around homeschool Moms seems to have that effect!) and proudly told me her son was learning to say his ABC's. I smiled , (child is 2) and congratulated her and said my DS2 (age 4 then)only just got the order down. She was appalled that he could read but not say his ABC's in order. I tried explaining he knew them and the sounds they make (not to mention blends, diagraphs....) but she was still appalled. Pretty sure she will be sending him to school!

  10. princessperky Says:

    Sometimes it is better not to tell folk in person what your kid can't do until you know they are for homeschooling....

  11. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Thanks Princess Perky for this post. It was very insightful. Someday, if and when I ever have kids, I will have to come back to all your blog postings on how you homeschool. Smile

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