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They will be back..

December 16th, 2008 at 05:21 pm

Tomorrow, and no I cannot go to the store.

So we did potatoes, tomorrow I guess we will do pasta.

Looking up that pasta bake someone mentioned.

Only this time I am out of meat, no ground beef left.

But I have to say the shepherds pie went over well enough, and the night was rather nice, they surprised me by being on time, 3:00 on the dot.

They also surprised us by saying they would be back tomorrow.

4 Responses to “They will be back..”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    Hmmm ... can't you suggest they bring something? Or order a pizza? Sounds like a lot of imposition, especially if you haven't grocery shopped and are down to only noodles!

  2. princessperky Says:

    Not really an imposition, they are in from out of town so we want them to spend time with our kids.

    and they did buy dinner on Saturday when they came over.

    we are the idiots who forgot they were coming.

  3. swimgirl Says:

    Fettucine Alfredo or Pasta Alfredo
    cream (whole milk works in a pinch), a little butter, garlic, noodles and parmesan... and a sprinkle of nutmeg. Downright gourmet!

  4. Amber Says:

    I love shepard's pie...

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