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Merry Christmas!

December 26th, 2008 at 07:57 pm

We had a lovely simple day at home with the kids, while I do miss my family I love not having to spend any of Christmas rushing to look presentable. The only trouble is my husbands phone, normally in his pants pocket, is often hidden in yesterdays jeans, so last year we had a surprise visit from my BIL, because my MIL was worried that no one answered the phone. so this year around lunch time I reminded him to find the phone and call her.

We used some craft stuff the kids received, played a game, read some books, built legos, and of course ate cinnamon rolls, steak dinner, plenty of chocolate, clementines, and pancakes.

My oldest is taking after me, we had to wake him up to open presents around 8am! I used to be woken up every Christmas morning by my brother. Not to sure what time but every year I reminded him to tell me it was Christmas so I wouldn't be mad he woke me. The first year he was gone, my mother woke me up instead. Silly kid who has to be woken up for Christmas!

Christmas at our house is anything but sad. After a candle lit service at church we come home read the advent book (pgs 1-24), place presents from the kids under the tree, get tucked in and then mommy and daddy start hiding from each other to wrap presents for each other.

By the time that is done, the kids are asleep and we bring out their stockings to leave on the couch, and presents, to leave under the tree. Then I make cinamon rolls, because no matter how I try to be smart and do it earlier, I never get around to it, so I roll them out at midnight, then stick them in the fridge for the next day.

Christmas morning, one or the other of us, wakes up with the younger ones for some cuddling while we wait on GMC.

Then when all are up but him we wake him. I have tried waiting for him, but really he could sleep forever on Christmas!

This year I suggested we all eat a banana before we open, to many hypoglycemic kids (and mom) in the house)

We open stockings in our bed together, I love seeing the kids excited about each item and each others gifts. Little UE still exclaims 'I got a toothbrush' which is in every stocking every year! Along with some toys and chocolate coins.

El was chewing away at her toy fish watching everyone else. Long before the kids have had the chance to open up the toys and build legos I make them clean it off the bed for breakfast.

We light all 5 of the advent candles, Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, and the Christ candle while we eat, then it is back to opening more presents in the living room by the lit tree.

We don't insist they finish opening to play with them, we stop right in the middle to open up a game or start a lego project. And it makes the opening process take all morning even though we don't do to many gifts (one or two each, plus the ones from them) long before they are done testing all the games, we have to break for pancakes and blueberry and strawberry breakfast (GMC doesn't like strawberries, I don't like blueberries so we have both)

Then it is time to read ALL of the advent book, a highly anticipated event, before naptime (for younger, and usually Daddy), or crafts or games for older. (the kind that toddlers get in the way of)

After lunch they still usually haven't gone through and played all the games (because we all play with each one) so they play some while we try to call some grandmas and wish them a Merry Christmas.

Steak dinner is our tradition, along with brownie desert, for Jesus' birthday.

Then it is time for more reading and bed.

Christmas may not have any guy in a red suit here, but it is anything but sad. We celebrate the birth of our Risen Savior. We set up a tree full of ornaments of things we are thankful for, covered in lights to remind us of His light, on a living evergreen, because Jesus is ever living. Sharing presents because He is the greatest gift. Spending time with family, surrounded by love. Nothing sad about it.

Spending log:
previous: $624.08
Last Tuesday: $81.61 (extra Christmas food)
Wed, Thur: $0
New Dec total: 705.69

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  1. nanamom Says:

    It sounds wonderful! Truly a celebration of His gifts.

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