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Christmas Cabinets

January 12th, 2009 at 08:27 pm

I have new kitchen cabinets!

Sortof, they are in my living room, stacked on top of each other and covered with a blanket so they don't get dinged up, but I have them.

We pooled most of the Christmas cash we were given and used it to buy cabinets to fill the hole on the far side of my kitchen. Right now the recess has a bench in it and is 91.5 inches long.

without paying for customization we can't get 91.5 inch long cabinets.

so my ingenious husband found a long 'utility' cabinet (that look just like the other cabinets we already have) and one 30 tall cabinet that he is going to hang on it's side. Which still leaves 7.5 inches of wall space.

My husband wants to put up a 3inch spacer on either side and 1.5 inch one in the middle.

Which is ok, but....that is 7.5 inches of space I could be using!

I dunno if I want a shelf (which he can easily do) or the spacers (which would prolly look more 'polished').

Since we are rather busy (CE meeting tonight, Scouts Tomorrow, have to make derby cars, and set up Friday plus games, Derby Saturday, Christmas trip with nephews Sunday) I have time to make up my mind.

Spending log:
Jan 10th: 23.44 target
previous for January: 349.21
Dec final*: 908.65

You may wonder why there is no cabinet listed on was cash, I don't keep track of cash..because I usually don't have that much, so it is 'fun money' Though I think (there were a lot of numbers thrown around) it was less than $200 for all the stuff.

6 Responses to “Christmas Cabinets”

  1. swimgirl Says:

    That seven and half inches might be perfect for stashing the step-stool, a folding chair, cookie sheets, etc...

    How cool!

  2. lizajane Says:

    Ditto swimgirl's thoughts. I'd love a space like that for my swiffer and my broom & dustmop. Maybe one shelf up high to store the cookie sheets & pizza pans on their edge and everything below for the odd tall stuff we described.

  3. nanamom Says:

    I take it this will be above the bench. So the store tall things idea is probably out, unless you want to move them every time the kids sit down. Perhaps you could have him put in a spacer with no top so that you could put things in it, either that stick out decoratively or that don't. He could probably even put a lid on it (think top door). I agree 7.5 inches is a lot of space to give up. It it is a shelf you run the danger of things falling off and bonking some one when the kids bounce too much against the wall. While I am sure your kids are trained not to, they are still kids and company comes form time to time and those kids might do it. I'd vote for the usable but hidden space but that is just my opinion.

  4. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I used to have a 12 inch space. I got a wooden shoe rack (they type that looked like shelves), and put it in that space sideways. That gave me 2 divided areas to put cookie sheets and cake pans into. It worked perfectly.

    Or, could you frame it out and use it for storage for large bottles--I have a space beside my stove where I keep my gallons of oil, syrup and vinegars...

  5. crazyliblady Says:

    Could you hang some kind of shelves (like ones with L brackets or something) to put bottles or cans of food or something like that? If you wanted it to be more decorative, maybe pretty china plates?

  6. princessperky Says:

    Thanks for the ideas!

    I think I will run a few new options past my husband.

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