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No nap, many ramblings, kids selling

January 19th, 2009 at 08:44 pm

I was rather expecting UE to stop napping, he is 3 and sleeps plenty at night. But EL has decided to give hers up right along with him! She is 7 months, way to young for it. And I am rather frustrated with my afternoons. I miss my alone time.

We have a Wii... For Christmas we talked about asking for one as a joint gift, then read up on how difficult they can be to find, and said we didn't need the aggravation nor want to put that chore on anyone else.

It seems MIL found out and decided to find one for us.

So we have a new toy. I haven't watched TV since Smile. Lego Star Wars is the perfect game to play while nursing, not to hard, not to much movement, and one or two levels can be finished while she snuggles down for the night.

I also tried the Wii age tester from the sports pack and found out I was 80 years old! Then after trying every day (for a long time) I made it to 30, and called it quits, I figure if I keep going it will go back up, so I stopped playing that one.

The scouts had their derby, and I discovered how annoying it is when someone doesn't show up..the fellow with the scale didn't show. Now if you have been in a derby you know the car needs to be less than 5 oz, and if yours is 2 it will be creamed by my 5 oz car, not worth racing even. So we couldn't start till we had one.

We now own one.

I also heard a comment from someone about organization would since I delegated the task of bringing the scale, what exactly was I supposed to do short of doing it all myself? I also delegated the task of making the 'chart' for the double elimination show up on the screen, I didn't know it was simple, but the message never made it to me, so that task had to be solved the day of the derby.

Not that I had no help, I had more help for this event than ever before, just a few key issues were missing.

I almost laughed when one person said they wanted to know what was taking so long for the awards, I kinda wonder how they think the kids names get on there? wave a magic wand? the Cubmaster and I sit down and scribble furiously while they ate hot dogs..not my fault if you eat fast. (and extra thanks to the lady who brought the hot dogs!)

BTW GMC won Smile

(well his daddy's car was faster, but GMC was the fastest kid car)

I just had three kids come to my door to sell candy. They said they were saving up to buy a guinea pig! I bought a lollypop for 50 cents They asked for a quarter. but it was all pennies so I overpaid Smile.

I also had a comment on my '10 year old with job' blog post by a young girl, I deleted it because it had her name and phone number and I don't think those should be posted online. I sent her a nice email suggesting she not post personal info online and find a trusted adult to help her come up with a way to make money.

I think this is the true sign of the times, and I like it. I would rather see kids hawking candy than thinking a DS or cell phone is an automatic right for all 10 year olds.


EL can Moo! sortof. If you ask her what a cow says, about 75% of the time she says 'oooo' which is close enough for me, and really cute. This would be the earliest any of my kids 'talked'. But it is just a moo (without the M).

5 Responses to “No nap, many ramblings, kids selling”

  1. mooshocker Says:

    She may be able to say "oooo", but, can she spell mississippi? Now that is the true test of a prodigy. LOLOLOL....God bless.

  2. Amber Says:

    I've heard so many things about the Wii I would have to save for one
    Good for you on reading your kids emails/b;ogs etc so many parents don't

  3. nanamom Says:

    The Wii sounds fun. We are planning on getting one for our joint birthdays if we can find one.

    It is a shame when people cop out on a kids event. I think sometimes we need to post a large sign saying who is supposed to do what (like in front of the church) and then put red xes through the things that weren't done. Maybe then people would live up to their word!!

    My 4 year old is trying to give up nap too, and boy am I unhappy about it. If she was pleasant it would be different but not napping makes her whiney and crying. She just lays down for an hour and then comes to me. Ah well she napped today so that is good. She was also dry this morning a real red letter day here!

    Perhaps the lollipop sakes was home schoolings answer to fund raising.

    Of course she is saying Moo. She is genius caliber! And soooooooooo cute.

  4. thriftorama Says:

    No Nap days are the worst.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Glad you're having fun with your Wii. Smile
    That was good of you to take the young girls comment off. So many kids (and parents even) really have no idea about internet safety - even with the preponderance of internet use by all ages.

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