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January 20th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

It snowed last night,
It snowed last night
the snow bears had a pillow fight

That was the song I sang ever time it snowed when I was a kid, I am surprised I remembered it since living in Charlotte I rarely see snow!

ANd Last night it snowed, the first of 2009 as GMC informed me this morning.

UE says we need to get a Christmas tree to go with the snow.

GMC also had a conversation with UE about how we needed to play in the snow, not with the Wii because the Wii will be here tomorrow, but the snow will melt soon!

Last night as the weather station called for the snow, folks geared up to buy milk and bread and eggs, as all folk do before 'emergencies'. Not because you can't drive (in general the roads are fine once the sun comes up, or before) but because School is canceled and everyone needs to make french toast with the kids Smile. OR at least we hope they take advantage of all that bread and milk and eggs to do something fun. Maybe we are weird, but unless it is shopping day we generally have milk, and bread and eggs a-plenty.

ALl 4 kids made it outside, and I decided we have got to start stocking some cream, makes much better hot chocolate than 1% milk.

1 Responses to “Snow!”

  1. nanamom Says:

    They tore up everything in sight and scattered all the feathers white oh..........

    Fantastic that a 6 year old realized you need to strike while the iron is hot um no cold ..... anyway fantastic. Hope you got pictures and had lots of fun. If you need more snow (and can figure out how to mail it) I'll share. We aren't using ours, it is too cold to go out and play!!!!

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