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spending catch up

January 20th, 2009 at 09:25 pm

See this is why I hate keeping track, I always forget, and then I have to go back and see when I last put stuff in, and then put in all the new stuff.

good thing we don't spend that often, but really more than enough.

Oh plus I read the recent post brought up about food spending and I wondered just how much we spend on food now compared to then.

I think I will go with all spending this month, and then next month just food. Too much trouble to separate now.

This week we are trying to buy for two weeks worth at Trader Joes, and then alternate TJs and Food Lion weeks.
(no we can't skip one or the other)

Spending log:
Jan 19th: 75.18 (TJs)
Jan 16th: 23.55 (scouts)
Jan 14th: 146.36 BJs (food)
Jan 13th: 41 food lion (exactly 41?)
Jan 12: 11.08 USPS mailing stuff
56.58 Trader Joes

previous for January: 372.65

Dec final*: 908.65

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