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New ad theory

January 21st, 2009 at 04:58 pm

So last night we finally watched TV again, sort of. We were watching some Tivo'd episodes (Big Bang Theory, and Psyche).

Of course if you have Tivo (or a friend with TiVo), you know commercials are no longer watched. Instead you fast forward through them, getting right back to your show.

So I wonder, just when are advertisers going to realize this and start putting together ads that work in fast motion? Though at the same time maybe they already have, from repetitive images to logos that stay onscreen, I actually can tell you what was advertised last night. (or rather 2 months ago)

-MnMs went with the old green sex myth for a new 'luxury' line.
-some car or another thinks 29MPG is energy efficient.
-Some beer brand won an award.
-Somebody doesn't like Dole
-they don't like Obama either
-Target stole the Mr Wizard intro and made it red.

In over two hours of TV viewing, that's all I got..but MnMs must be happy.

3 Responses to “New ad theory”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    I think they are playing to the majority of viewers who still watch the shows live. Even if you fast forward, you still see the commercial, just faster, so if you are watching, the message still gets to your brain.

    We watch a few things online and I like how they do it. Very few commercial breaks and just one commercial each. You can't skip it but it doesn't take that long, just 15-30 seconds.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    Unfortunately, they are already well-aware of this issue, and have been for a while. In fact, it's caused a bit of a turmoil because it means that funding is being cut back for a lot of smaller but more daring shows. It could also be a part of the reason why the writer strike went on, ultimately forcing TV producers to seek alternatives to fill slots such as reality shows. Some of them became huge hits that we know today, and now the TV landscape is for good I think.

    A lot of advertisers that used to broadcast on TV now are focusing their dollars online, particularly on search engines such as Google. However, even in this economic climate, the revenue is starting to slow.

    But anyways, it'll be interesting to see how both advertisers and content producers find innovative ways to get people to continue to look at ads and keep their revenues going....

  3. monkeymama Says:

    I've always tuned out commercials so I don't see a thing when I fast forward. I mean, I couldn't tell you about any commercials. Not even an image (I tune it out - consciously anyway. Subconsciously, lord knows what my brain latches onto).

    Once in a while I stop and watch a few commercials because I do feel like I am a visiting alien who doesn't understand the culture when commercial conversations come up. YEah, apparently most people still watch them.

    We had our TIVO about 8 years. There was lots of talk for a time that they would eliminate the "fast forward" option through commercials. IT seems like advertisers have moved onto other things. Just haven't heard rumblings of that in a LONG time. Phew. Yes, maybe that is their new plan - focus on lingering images - hehe.

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