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A better writer says ditch the baby junk

February 19th, 2009 at 04:08 am

I have mentioned before how most baby 'stuff' is really not needed, and today I happened to read a much better article including safety links about

Text is car seats and Link is
car seats,
Text is strollers and Link is
Text is baby baths and Link is
baby baths,
Text is cribs and Link is
cribs, and
Text is diapers. and Link is

She does take 5 different posts to tell you, but that is because of the important information.

my two cents:
Everyone has their own quirks, habits and desires. So if you want a special pillow just for nursing go for it, I want two computers and at least 2 laptops for two adults, and really GMC needs a computer or laptop of his own... I just don't go telling others they HAVE to have the same number of computers (Do you folk really share computers?) Oh and I do have a crib, and bucket seat, but it stays buckled to the car, not a carrier.

If you want more of a laugh try
Text is silly baby contraptions and Link is
silly baby contraptions

I wish all new mothers caught up in the gotta have it lists could read these kinds of articles. But the advertisers wouldn't make much money on it.

9 Responses to “A better writer says ditch the baby junk”

  1. dtjunkie Says:

    This was one lesson I definitely learned with my first child. SO much money was waisted on furniture, fancy outfits, and all sorts of baby stuff. Just to name a few things I will NOT be buying with my 2nd child:

    1.) High Chair (did not use once!)
    2.) Baby Monitor (also never used, i actually worried more when it was silent)
    3.) Fancy Crib (playpen will suffice!)
    4.) Baby Chair (those things that look like lawn chairs with padding for babies)
    5.) Formal Wear for babies/toddlers unless they are for a planned event.
    6.) Changing Table (didnt really use, except for storage)

    I will read those articles you posted up top...I'm sure they will come in handy with #2. Smile

  2. nanamom Says:

    Maybe a link to those articles should be a standard "gift" when you find out someone is expecting. Have you sent them to your cousin?

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Silly Baby Contraptions article = Hilarious! Big Grin

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I never had a diaper changing table. The floor worked just fine. Basic crib, no matching sheets. There were quite of few things we just did without. Easy!

  5. LuxLiving Says:

    Right, however did Abe Lincoln's mother do without all that STUFF???

  6. monkeymama Says:

    I remember one of the first books I read when first pregnant was some frugal book about babies. I remember reading it and thinking, "That's it?" LOL. Just a lot of common sense that anyone already frugal would follow. We didn't buy 10% of what our friends did for their babies.

    We bought most of the stuff used and sold it for what we paid for it. The last vestige of babyhood in our house is the toddler bed which we will sell this year probably. We've sold everything else.

    We always splurged on the "best" car seats. Not the most popular; the highest rated for safety. But we were also able to sell those for a fair amount of cash when we were done.

    We did get a low, flat dresser for changing (something that could be used as a dresser indefinitely) BUT with the second baby I think we mostly changed them on the floor in the end. I'd microwave milk but dh refused and always just let it soak in hot water for a few minutes. Some of those contraptions like bottle warmers and wipe warmers always seemed so ridiculous to us. There's probably a million ways to warm a bottle (hot water, stove, microwave, etc.). But yeah, just about everyone we know bought a bottle warmer.

  7. monkeymama Says:

    BTW, we NEVER used the baby monitor at night. But since the house is a split level we still use it with ou 5yo to keep an ear out that he is staying out of trouble when he is upstairs alone. We also use it during naps and stuff. We LOVE it. But we never used it at night. Mommy instinct was enough at night - and I couldn't sleep with the dang thing on. My kids sleep loudly - LOL. But if we had a small house the baby monitor would have been a waste, for sure.

  8. my english castle Says:

    IKEA had a great bookcase that you can buy a changing table top for. We loved it. The bookcase section held all the diapers and wipes and all that, and now it's morphed into a plain white bookcase for DD's room.

    Those special glider chairs always confused me--I couldn't figure out why I'd need those.

    I also thought wipe warmers were odd things.

  9. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I had a crib for each baby, 3 bottles? (rarely used as I nursed all three, baby 1 only 1 and was still nursing when the twins were born), 3 high chairs, and a rocking chair. I lived in a 2 story house and did have a baby monitor--I sometimes went outside to rake when they were sleeping and I liked to hear them--especially after we had a scarey chocking episode. I also had a stroller that all 3 could fit in--back then we had no fancy grocery carts to hold more than one baby. Without that stroller I would have never gotten out of the house with them. I got good at pushing the stroller with one hand and pulling the grocery cart with the other. It also worked well to get them in and out of places in one load-such as church. Also had 3 carseats of course. I still have 2 of them-they get used for baby sitting. All three used the same playpen. Later I had someone give me 2 swings. I did use them, but would have never bought them on my own. All 3 were in the same diaper bag, and we used cloth diapers.

    No warmers, no changing table, no bouncy seats.

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