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Supporting the local library

March 6th, 2009 at 07:19 pm

I believe libraries to be the greatest invention since, umm well greatest ever.

And to show my love, not only do we make frequent use of ours, we also support them monetarily.

By that I mean we pay plenty of library fines!

Every so often I notice it has been months since we paid a fine, been visiting too often turnover of books going to well. So I try to lose a book or two. Not to long, just long enough to accumulate a fine, or have to buy the book.

Then I can say I have done my civic duty and can go back to returning books more frequently, or renewing them at least.

ETA-this is just a joke, I do not intentionally create fines! I am just absent minded, and it sounds better this way. I do not advocate intentionally forgetting/losing books!

5 Responses to “Supporting the local library”

  1. anonymouse Says:

    Why don't you just make a donation? If you keep books just to obtain a fine then you're taking that book away from someone else that wants to read it. Just a suggestion...

  2. my english castle Says:

    Me too! I suggested to one of the checkers that I should print tee-shirts with "Sponsored by_____" and then have our name on the back.
    But I love our local library--matter of fact, I think I'll head there now.

  3. momcents Says:

    Us, too! Running up fines is support, I suppose! Then my mom showed me the trick to renew items online on the library's home page. Yay!

  4. kimiko Says:

    Glad you want to support the library, but unfortunately, library fine doesn't go to library. The fine go to the general fund of the local government the library belong to. At least, that's how it works around my neck of the wood. You should check with the library and make a donation instead.

  5. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Princess Perky, I wrote a blog post (on the frugal singleton) about how you can stop paying the librarians salary. Big Grin I too, have been guilty...errr... happy to support my library with my late fines. Smile

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