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A Camping we will NOT go...Maybe

April 20th, 2009 at 12:35 pm

So I heard once that "If you eat good, and sleep good, You will have a good time"

I neither slept well nor ate well this weekend.

Let's look at food first. I packed plenty of fruit and some trail mix, I assumed the camps meals would be acceptable for carbs and protein.

Lunch was chicken strips on a white hotdog bun with sweetened applesauce and chips. Now the average Joe (or Jane) might find that acceptable, I on the other hand discovered a body used to whole wheat and unsweetened fruit (that also happens to be hypoglycemic) can't eat like that.

Dinner was more white hot dog buns with dogs in them, and chili for topping. Now my chili has lots of good stuff, tomatoes, beans, onions, meat, flavor. Their chili on the other hand..not so much.

Breakfast was white spray on pancakes..that tasted something akin to rubber and foam.

Then there was the sleeping, now I am not normally a difficult sleeper, I don't nap well, but I do fall asleep easily and usually stay there as long as possible regardless of how uncomfortable I am.

This time I was not only sleeping in jeans (because my Daughter wouldn't sleep out of my arms and I wasn't smart enough to change before the rest of the camp went to bed, and wasn't willing to let her scream and wake them up.) I was sleeping on LOTS of roots, with covers that were constantly being stolen. I was shivering from about 2 am on. At 6 am when my normal Sunday alarm went off for church I was HAPPY to get up! I jumped for joy! Which is the first time in my life I have been happy to get up, I hate mornings. Even for a good thing like Christmas, I would normally prefer to postpone morning till noonish.

PLUS my daughter HATED it (EL, 10 months) so she was up constantly, waking me up. Fortunately only one other person heard her once in the night, so I wasn't the bane of the camp.

Part of me wants to say never again...the other part of me figures I can solve those problems.

On the positive side I was able to say "she is not a happy camper" and for the first time I actually had a camper to say it about! (It is one of my stock phrases for cranky babies)

UE and JC had a lot of fun though, both had a bit of trouble sleeping, but enjoyed some nature walks, crafts, a 'bouncy bridge' (cable bridge), a 'pirate ship' (pirate shaped pavilion), the campfires,staying up late, playing with tents, and of course just being outdoors.

GMC was of course happy to be back, BBs, Archery, climbing wall, plus crafts and fires. He slept fine, I think he is getting used to roots and the like.

So points to remember for the next time I camp:

1. Pack all my own food including whole wheat carbs, and real protein (hot dogs and fake sugar filled chicken doesn't count).
2. Pack an air mattress if I have a baby/toddler with me.
3. Acquire a larger sleeping bag, meant for two at least.
4. Pack something to hold organic waste till we get back to a compost bin (all that perfectly good scraps going into giant plastic garbage bags.....)

1 Responses to “A Camping we will NOT go...Maybe”

  1. frugaltexan75 Says:

    It sounds as though you had a good learning experience. Smile Next time you go with better preparations, I bet you'll find it a more enjoyable time.

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