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So when do you give up on a pair of jeans?

July 7th, 2009 at 08:36 pm

I am putting the bazziliionth patch on a pair of jeans and I can imagine what folk must think. At this point the patches hold the jeans up as much if not more than the original material..but, I am patching with a holey shirt, unwearable.

Since I can't exactly sew a new pair of pants, I use the old shirt and old jeans. I wonder just how long this will last.

The pair I am sewing, has managed to hold old patches and make new holes in new places. But the pair I am wearing has holes in the knees, that were patched up. And new holes above the old patch! since it is summer I figure the holes are 'breezy'. but come winter I will have to patch the patch Smile.

2 Responses to “So when do you give up on a pair of jeans?”

  1. Mrs Says:

    As long as your comfortable and covered, keep on patching!

  2. Counting Pennies Says:

    This reminds of me of the time I sewed one of my best friend's jeans and patched them all up. They already had a hole in the knee when he stuck his foot in the pants his foot missed and went right through the hole and ripped it a little more. They were his favorite jeans because after the wear and tear they were "Soft" and not stiff. So he made me sew them up for them. And if you use the right stitch the patches last for a long time. I still think he's wearing those pants that I fixed up for him for about 2 years now. Smile

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