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Farmers Market

July 11th, 2009 at 06:11 pm

We spent the morning at a local farmers market, everything was grown/made within 50 miles. and most was organic.

Which means most of it was expensive.

Now I would prefer local foods, in season foods, and organic. But prices were seriously twice what I normally pay for food. Course I don't normally get local, nor organic.

I am curious what the costs do at the eend of the the grass fed beef prices drop? From what I saw the food was rapidly being sold out. (one stall gone at 8:30 am already). So I am not sure there are any 'end of day sales.

My husband wants me to grow more at home, but in case you hadn't noticed the only thing we grow are flowers...some folk call them weeds.

Next year though I promised to try zucchini and peppers. And promised to try the carrots again, this time reading up on them more.

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  1. lizajane Says:

    From my limited experience, zucchini is simple. We tilled up the ground, I made a few mounds, dropped 3 seeds in per mound, and voila! It's coming out my ears!!

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