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My secret weapon against spending

August 26th, 2009 at 01:44 pm

I actually have several strategies for keeping out of the store, but the strangest I think is the 'liquid gold' theory. So named after someone long ago in my youth said perfume was so expensive they must have bottled up gold. Needless to say I still do not wear perfume regularly.

When I was a kid I was convinced that the price of foil was so high you might as well be wrapping your food in gold; which you then throw away. We hardly ever used it, and I was surprised to find, after years of not listening to directions to use it, that a box was only a couple bucks.

I still to this day have difficulty using foil, I own some and use it for a few recipes (fudgie brownies). But I had to discover the stuff wasn't so expensive before I would use it. (generally a lid for covering, and oil for greasing make it unneeded)

I make this work for other expenses. I avoid knowing how cheap something is and assume the price is too high. This keeps me in the mindset of 'I can't afford it'. I happen to have a terrible memory (really terrible) so I find it easy to forget if I happen to see the price of anything.

The reverse of this is used to sell items all the time. Infomercials break down costs into 'low monthly payments'. Disney suggests a trip is 'less than you'd expect'. (since I expect it to cost a years salary, less than that is easy, affordable is another story)

Any frugal person knows to add up all the monthly payments plus fees before considering an item, but a non number cruncher like me can turn it into a 'gold' item..I just assume that three monthly payments of 39.99 would be way too much for any gadget, no math needed. Smile

Items I figure must be 'liquid gold' include (but are not limited too)
-disposable products
-convenience foods
-junk food, chewy chips ahoy cost an arm and a leg don't they?
-Newfangled gadgets, it took years before we found a flat panel monitor that was less than gold plated.

I still don't know what foil costs, but paying for something you are going to throw away seems a bit strange anyway.

3 Responses to “My secret weapon against spending”

  1. Broken Arrow Says:

    Very interesting!

  2. Ima saver Says:

    My husband uses aluminum foil like it was free and that annoys me. I save it and use it again usually!

  3. scfr Says:

    Boy did you hit a nerve with me. This morning I was fuming about all the money spent on air fragrance type stuff. That stuff's definitely liquid gold. Why, instead of figuring out how you can "save $x.xx" on a air fragrance refill, why not figure out how to eliminate the need for them at all?

    Throw the windows open for a couple hours every morning to air out the house!
    Keep the place moderately clean!
    Take out the trash every day!
    Keep baking soda under the kitchen sink (buy it in a big bulk package of course) and give the sink a scrubbing every time it's empty of dishes to wash away any food residue and deodorize!
    Run the ventilation fans after you shower!

    If you'd just keep those nasty smells from developing in the first place, you'd not need to hide them!

    Okay ... now I've vented. Sorry to "hijack" your blog PP!

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