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The grasss ain't greener over here

September 2nd, 2009 at 03:00 am

In general I do my complaining to my husband, not at him, but with him. When frustrated he is my confidant, my support, my sounding board.

Which means I do not join the cranky crowd. So most folk think I am happy and content and spoiled.
After all if I weren't spoiled I would have something to complain about right?

I read once that one shouldn't air their dirty laundry out in public..and I took it to heart. Keep your complaints at home. Don't lock em up and let em rot. Do air them out, but air them out at home, when company is not over. That way you get clean clothes (or a fresh start on troubles) and no one else has to smell your stinky socks (or worse).

Now obviously I also complain on line a good deal (I have a whole complaint category, the most used) And I am not perfect in public, catch me on a bad day and you don't want to hear what I say (which is why I avoid speaking). And even on a good day I slip up and complain to non family.

But the upshot of this whole non complaining attitude, folk seem to think the grass is pretty green over here.

Truth is what grass there is, grows sparse, and full of 'weeds'. The dry spots are bigger than a car (a kiddie car) and the tough prickly low hedge, which is only green in summer, grows far better than the grass.

So don't come over to my side looking for green grass. If you come, expect to see, and hopefully enjoy, wildflowers (unconventional beauty, in surprising places), plenty of bugs (try being fascinated at the next 'bug' in your day), and a few empty stretches to use your imagination in (a mind is a terrible thing to waste). You wont ever find a picture perfect golf lawn, that you have to live a whole different life for.

And BTW, did you see those golf 'greens' during the last yard flourished in all it's ungreen disorder, while the golf courses were anything but green.

Now a complaint, Major toothache, I need to get the other two wisdom teeth out ASAP!

2 Responses to “The grasss ain't greener over here”

  1. whitestripe Says:

    hmmm - makes me think of my mum and her partners relationship - something i have been trying to tell my mum for years: I don't want to hear your troubles when you could easily sort them out between yourselves, if you just LISTENED to each other and didn't bitch about each other to everyone else!

  2. princessperky Says:

    Heh insurance..not a chance. But I have known I needed the wisdom teeth out, and been saving for it.

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