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Christmas memories from my childhood.

December 17th, 2009 at 09:02 pm

Can't say as I recall many presents.

I remember getting a lightbright, with a huge tub of pegs (used). And doll clothes my mother made, and a (used) chest that is in my sons room now. Plus some legos and books. Though I make no guarantee those were Christmas, could be Birthdays.

Oh and some combs...mainly I recall them because my brother and I discussed what it could be waiting for the allowed hour to wake Mom up...apparently our discussion annoyed Mom (was prolly not quiet) and we had to wait another HOUR. All because I thought the package looked like a bottle of wine. (Mom didn't believe in labels, she memorized who got what adding to the fun of guessing-including watching her guess Smile.)

Oh and the banana and kiwi (that fuzzy fruit was never meant to be put into felt!) in my stocking...Mom grew up with fruit in a stocking, only I never liked apples or oranges, so Mom found odd alternatives Smile. Actually stockings had a good deal of predictability (not a bad thing) toothbrush, razor once old enough (and allowed, that was how you knew you were old enough) some nuts in my brothers (I didn't like em), batteries most years, and in the toe a fruit.

That's about it.

On the other hand I remember making handkerchiefs for my grandmother, ornaments for folk, and various foodstuffs. I remember lots of fun decorating the tree, pouting because my brother got to help put the lights on and I never did. wrapping lots of gifts (dunno what they were but the fun of paper and tape remains). I remember always having to wait till after breakfast to open gifts, something I make my kids do!

I recall my brother waking me up-I never did on my own. And more recently my sons first birthday we woke him up! Well as recent as a 7 year old's first can be. I am pretty sure my daughter woke him last year.

I recall delicious potatoes and gravy at grandmas. And making the other Grandma's Molasses cookies, that have now become my signature Christmas cookie. I recall a couple batches of fudge that never tasted very good. (sorry). Though in my late teen years there was a fellow who made very good peanut butter fudge, and I ate plenty of that.

There was plenty of cutting out/decorating cookies. Though no gingerbread to my recollection. We made a log cabin out of pretzels one year though.

Oh and one of the traditions I miss the most is the minature train village at the Bhule science center (now Carnegie Science Center) It is in PA, and I live in NC, so never tend to see it.

So what of that do I hope my kids remember years from now? Mostly the tradition parts, no train to go see, but we have others. And no fruit or nuts in the stocking (though plenty of it around the house), but they do have one, and it does always have a toothbrush.

2 Responses to “Christmas memories from my childhood.”

  1. HouseHopeful Says:

    We always got an apple/orange and a quarter! My dad made breakfast afterward opening the presents. Those were my big memories.

  2. miz pat Says:

    I remember the tree most of all. My sister and I put our Barbies in shoe boxes and made a caravan to the land of the giant christmas tree every year.

    And my Dad always talked about getting an orange or an apple at Christmas. One year we got him oranges and apples. Boy did that not go over. EEEK!

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