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Can't be a health nut, I am a hypocrite!

December 30th, 2009 at 07:34 pm

First off is that really how you spell it? (hypocrite)

Second, while I do aim for whole wheat, tons of fruit and veggies, more natural sugars, and healthier fats in general....

I am also munching on peanut butter mixed with powdered sugar (taste better than the inside of a peanut butter cup, and with a side of chocolate is a dreamy treat with little effort)

So while I go out of my way to pay more to buy bead made with 'real whole wheat' and no HFCS, I haven't given up my daily peanut butter, made with HFCS (I did try a few alternate brands, so far either way to expensive, or not as good, or both, will look again when money flows again).

And while I bake almost exclusively with honey, maple syrup, molasses, or at the worst brown sugar...I am also drinking a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade made with white sugar. Yes I tried other sugars, the above list doesn't work. (though maybe if you boil the sugar with some water then mix in the lemon juice?)

Oh and I bet eating whole wheat crackers with my 'summer sausage' doesn't cancel out the unhealthiness of it!

Which is why when anyone accuses me of being a health nut I have to hold back the laughter.

Ah well, it could be worse, I could be eating white bread, white flour, white sugar AND creamy peanut butter cup 'guts'.

But in general folk outside my family only see the healthy parts - for three summers in a row a friend of mine has been surprised that I eat doritos at a church picnic 'I thought you didn't eat that sort of unhealthy stuff?'. No I eat it, I just don't buy it. apparently a year of me bringing in whole wheat homemade goodies makes her forget anew that I am just as fond of junk food as the next person.

Money is much the same way, what others see may not be the full picture. I think to outsiders my husband and I do not come off as frugal (no matter how many eyebrows we raise at folk complaining of money while sipping on Lattes)

Publicly we are stingy church givers a dollar per kid or less, the real donation goes via the bank no one sees it but the person keeping track of the year expenses.

Publicly we are lavish in supplies for VBS, CS, GS, Co-op, and such, privately we raid each others stash (GS uses CS stuff all the time) as well as pester family/friends for supplies. Though we also will buy when needed, we generally stick with good deals, and skip the projects that were not good deals.

Publicly we host company more than once a month, which most folk assume is expensive. Privately we keep the trimmings basic, no gourmet finger foods just bulk apples, cheese crackers, and something homemade, with the occasional meal found cheap. And not one penny spent on decorations (we even use 'real' plates so we don't have the disposable expense)

Publicly we are 'green' tree huggers, and 'everyone' knows how expensive that can be. Of course many on this board know it is often cheaper.

And the number one reason folk think we are rich. I don't work, all America knows only the rich can afford to be one income families.

Even folk who have an inkling that single income can work, assume we are rich because I never complain about money. At no time of the month am I anxiously awaiting a pay check. Even now when we have no job, and some folk are aware of it, we still have no complaints. Oh sure I would like that unemployment to kick in, but generally I have bigger complaints.

I might have to look at our public habits to see if there is a way to advertise frugality. I seem to be good at advertising green amongst friends.

2 Responses to “Can't be a health nut, I am a hypocrite!”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    LOL on that first one, we're the same way! People think we're a lot healthier than we are just because we do buy mostly whole wheat/whole foods and cook at home all the time. Sure AS bakes all-vegan treats, but they still have white flour and sugar in them a lot of the time! We eat a lot of healthy food, but we don't shy away from tofu franks and vegetarian Hormel chili with french fries as a perfectly acceptable meal option! There are ways to eat vegan as well as organic that aren't necessarily health-nuttish. Take my beer-battered tofu, for example. Smile But I think going halfway is much better than not even attempting to eat healthy. I'm sure both our families are way better off than most.

  2. crazyliblady Says:

    Have you tried using stevia as a sweetener in anything that you need to sweeten? I use it in tea mostly, but I know that some folks use it to bake. There are several brands, but this is the website for the brand I use: I buy it in the health food section of my local grocery store, but I used to live in a major metropolitan city and bought it at Wild Oats.

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