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Finally put away Christmas

January 9th, 2010 at 07:28 pm

Packed up three boxes of 'stuff' rearanged a bit and once again I have a large living room. Well not really it is perfectly normal sized, but seems rather big once you take out the tree.

We have been looking to get more lights for the tree, though in light of our job situation it seems the wrong time. The stores agreed and no one had any decent sales on light strands.

The other day I removed an old piece of art from the wall (GS thing) and GMC said 'wow the room looks so much bigger now!'

It is amazing what difference wall art or a tree can make.

Unfortunately the only think I purged in the clean up was one cardboard box, that I didn't even purge I dumped in the garage.

Do I get any points for taking things off the todo list?

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