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Finally sorted 3 kids clothes

January 13th, 2010 at 10:16 am

Of course we are slacking on laundry so not all clothes were available to look at, but enough were taken out, that I am fairly certain the kids can again put laundry away without resorting to magic to close the drawers.

I have a box of things to save for other kids growing into them, some things are too sentimental to toss. And I have a bigger bag full of clothes to pass on. The only trouble is I dumped all the clothes in pile and don't have any friends with kids just the right sizes to need all of them...oh well I will count and sort later, then drop off all the stuff Sunday.

1 Responses to “Finally sorted 3 kids clothes”

  1. -Jerry- Says:

    We are going crazy with laundry over here. We are living in SE Europe at the moment, and almost nobody uses dryers. When the weather is cold and wet, we have racks of clothes drying around the house, and it leads to some real frustration! When something needs to be washed, there is no insurance that it will be available for wear within the coming 36-48 hours! We are also giving a lot of our daughter's clothes to charity, because even though we are expecting another girl, we will be leaving for the States before she is big enough to wear them.

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