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So much done, so little effect :(

January 22nd, 2010 at 06:56 pm

So today I tackled the 'top' of the desk, has space for file folders and the like. Much of it is books, but the papers needed work. (BTW quite proud to note the 'bottom' is still relativly clean, 5 minutes today and a stack of sewing is all that mars the smooth black surface Smile.)

Above I found TONS of paper, some to be put for the kids to color on, some to be recycled. And a few important items I needed. BUt the end result, the top of the desk still looks full of papers, Frown.

I do have most everything in file folders and a good start at sorting, but, looking at the ends of file folders is not pretty. I need to find some way to hide them, without losing space.

So can I count each individual piece of paper for the purge? Actually I think it would be more fair to go by file folder full (3 of them) or something, cause I do think credit is deserved for purging, but, don't think page by page is fair!

Husband spent the day in the bedroom sorting out countless items, I peeked at one point and the bed was covered in 'stuff' 20 minutes later the bed was cleared, but at no point did the room look much better! So much work, so little effect. (not his fault btw, the room is terrible)

Ah well I know he did throw away one grocery bag of 'stuff', and one of paper to recycle.

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