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I started a blog for education

January 30th, 2010 at 05:19 pm

I think it is a format I will keep up with, I often have random thoughts, ideas, or just plain share what we have been doing.

Folk I know IRL seem to like the posts, so figured if anyone on here was interested I can give you the link. But going to stop putting education stuff here on a finance blog.

though my homeschooling is cheap, it isn't really related to finances. And since I rarely ever think about the cost of what we do (cause there rarely is one) I am not very good at mentioning it.

Besides I don't want IRL folk to come here and see what my finances are, or are not. And I need a place to vent about my friends lack of financial skill. Don't want to mix this private forum, with IRL.

Anyway if you miss the education notes, leave a comment and I will get you a link.

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