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Shopping with coupons

April 22nd, 2010 at 05:41 pm

This weekend we are back to GS camp for JC and I. So I needed a few high protien snacks.

String cheese, and granola bars conveniently had sales and coupons this week. Not free, but all reasonable. Of course making my own granola bars would be cheaper and healthier, but......I would actually have to make them.

Also have some tuna pouches that were acquired a month or so ago at nearly free coupon plus sale price.

Plus we bought lots of fruit...lots, fortunately most was on sale.

Looked at a few things with coupons and sales, would have been pretty cheap for donation, and decided not to get them.

Mainly because we went to the dentist right before hand, paid a HUGE sum for three kids cleanings/checkups, one set of x-rays, and two cavities. Not happy.

Not sure if saving the $3, in donations, really makes any difference though. I think I was just being cranky.

2 Responses to “Shopping with coupons”

  1. miz pat Says:

    You know, I'm diabetic, and I've learned that granola bars are CHOCK full of sugar and fat.

    If you have any granola recipes, I could modify them with splenda. Could you share?

    Good on ya for doing such a good job on the coupons

  2. princessperky Says:

    No, no recipes, and yeah they are full of junk, but when camping...they suffice.

    Partly why I don't want to trust myself to research a recipe, and make them all before 3pm tomorrow Smile
    I have seen a few brands that are not as bad...but they weren 't the ones at 50 cents for 6...

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