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Birthday party fun

June 7th, 2010 at 04:06 pm

We generally spend more on food than anything else for a birthday party. Yesterday was no exception.

Homemade cake -not really sure cost of ingredients, but being whole wheat, prolly same as buying a cake, certainly more than the 1 or less box mix.

Fish sticks (it was a penguin party, penguins eat fish), and Hotdogs (most picky kids don't eat fish) Fish was reg price, hotdogs free gift, leftovers from a picnic.)
Cheese reg price (2.50lb)
Fruit grapes OS watermelon not
Crackers reg price
Juice 2 or 3 a bottle.

For games we bought one multi pack of sea creatures. $5 and two boxes of ziplocks.

plus the cost of plenty of ice.

We played:
'Cold ice' (hot potato)
Rescue the fish (froze cups of water with sea creature in middle, kids had to melt creature slamming into ground -or slamming things into ice)
Plus some hockey trials (penguin as in Pgh Penns)

I had musical ice floes planned, but we used up all the white paper for making snowflakes and I would have had to round up all the kids and that was too much work.

So far as I can tell the kids had fun, ate well, and enjoyed themselves. I could prolly have a party for less $ if I stopped feeding people, but since by the time dinner came around I was out of energy to even serve, I find food an essential part of the party. (pregnant or not my family eats every couple hours)

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