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Typical store run after coupons...

June 9th, 2010 at 06:35 pm

Todays list for HT:
fruit, veggies, yogurt, meat
and one kind of mustard that will be free or really cheap after coupon.

fruit (different kind)
veggies (different kind)

Various drug stores:
deodorant -free after rebates/coupons
chocolate - good price
mouthwash/toothpaste - free after rebates/coupon
Hair stuff - free after rebates/coupon

So are coupons worth the paper? Well once every 3-5 weeks there is a fancy 'super doubles' or Triples coupon week. And on those weeks generally we get a decent amount of food free.

Between the drug store and the triple/super double yeah I think it is worth the $2 a week for the paper, but....not going to make or break the bank....

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