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January 12th, 2011 at 05:42 pm

Last week I finally went back and looked at the coupon sites. Turns out it was the perfect time to try using them better, Super doubles at HT. That means they double coupons up to 150 I think.

I made a list with some good deals, a couple free items, and husband headed out to pick up some stuff.

We didn't have any old papers, but we still managed a few free items to donate, a few cheap items as treats for us, and nope. Nothing important was cheap or free. Though blue berries were on sale.

This is why I get discouraged doing the 'coupon thing' Whole wheat, no HFCS and just plain fruit/veggies are so rarely on sale. (no canned, those don't count).

Ah well, It does feel good to have items to donate again without breaking the budget.

Income is still steady, nothing interesting in the works, and we still have too much savings to qualify for most state food/medical help.

EF is slowly being whittled down though

Is that a good thing or bad? If it disappears and we qualify (if we apply) for the free help, it would be like getting a raise...but a raise with a 'price'. I do not welcome the govt into my house.

2 Responses to “Grocery Store ”

  1. SavingsQueen Says:

    Bless your heart. I hope you are able to get the assistance. That's what it's there for. Early in their marriage my parents were both struggling students on the state food program and now they are both Ph.Ds and very wealthy. That food program also helped them feed us more nutritious food which I am grateful for.

  2. Homebody Says:

    Do not feel bad, that is what it is there for. I hear you on the coupons, but I like to donate too, and get drug store items cheaper.

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