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Avoiding finances again....

January 25th, 2011 at 08:09 pm

Well, I can tell you why folk avoid is annoying, frustrating, scary, boring, and quite frankly painful.

Looking at a bank balance that just keeps going down in depressing. Not knowing if it will every go up is sad.

Having to shuffle finances to pay bills is a royal PIA.

Even though so far all are paid, truthfully I would rather live in a dream world of what to do 'if I win the lottery' than have to face the real life...just barely getting by.

I aught to be happy we are getting by. I aught to be really greatful for all the skills I have learned (many from this site) to help us 'get by'. But really I am cranky again.

I am cranky because I have no time, I am cranky because I really am starting to hate my 'job' that I don't get paid for (I volunteer for both GS and CS, and a few other mini positions) And I am cranky because I would like a 'magic pill'. Both for finances and for my weight (which I haven't lost from the most recent baby)

I am however very happy about my other unpaid jobs (homeschooling, mother and wait I hate that last one too) And I love my kids, I just wish I had more time for them and a clean house. Oh and all that scout crap done.

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  1. ThriftoRama Says:

    Sounds like we're living parallel lives!

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