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Trust is a wonderful two way street

September 3rd, 2011 at 07:56 pm

For some strange reason I wanted to look at a house recently. Now you may have read the past few posts and noticed we are not supposed to get crazy, we have a small debt, and no emergency fund.

So why on earth would I look at a house? Just to get the bug out of my system. While some husbands might have ranted and railed at my apparent stupidity, my husband just let me schedule the viewing drove me there, and listened to me babble about how more room would be sooo nice.

I was 100% certain that if a new house could work, it would, all I had to do was see the inside and either love it and start brainstorming how to get it, or hate it, and move on.

I didn't exactly hate it, but I didn't feel it was worth the effort of moving, and really the way it was set up it wouldn't feel like much more space.

Besides the backyard bordered on two houses with above ground pools, and no fences. Not that my kids are idiots, but one is a very proficient climbing one year old. There is only so much one could ask of her. While I will leave her with her big sister watching for a minute here, I wouldn't trust her around a pool.

Anyway, my point is I have a wonderful patient husband who trusted me not to go crazy. and I didn't, only a little daydreamy.

On the other hand, he wants to buy a new router. For $25 it will be 'so much faster' Actually he gave exact numbers and some letters and more details, but I mostly let all that zoom over my head. After all I have no objection to how my internet works now, why pay to make it faster.

But in the end my real fear was that saying sure go for it on one reasonable router would lead to more and more and more computer things. Or worse game systems.

I aught to know better, my husband is no more stupid than I am. So I told him to get the router.

We are still paying the debt really quickly, we are still turning the air off on Labor day, and we will still be just fine. Not too crazy.

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  1. crazyliblady Says:

    I admit that I love my house and would not have done it any other way, but an emergency fund is pretty important. About a month after we made our first mortgage payment last year, the car engine died. There were multiple things wrong with it and rebuilding it would have cost more than replacing it. So, because our savings had been depleted by buying the house, for 6 months, we were without a car while we put together money from various sources to buy another engine and have it installed. Now, I am putting together a car fund to replace the car when it comes time. I would rather do without a car loan, so I am aiming to take 2 years to put together a $10,000 car fund. I will admit that being a homeowner has forced me to be a better money manager, though, because owning a house and making rent payments are completely different. I just wanted to make a point that when you buy a house, you need to have a healthy savings account in place to pay for things that come up that you did not expect. This is in addition to closing costs, down payment, and inspections to buy your house. Good luck.

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