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Picked a bad time to turn off the AC

September 7th, 2011 at 05:22 pm

Every year I try to turn the AC off about Labor Day. We turn it on for July 4th, and off for Labor day.

Generally we have had pleasant weather for Labor day and find it not to hard to do without the AC. Of course several days before the heat comes on (Thanksgiving is the goal) We find ourselves wishing for cooler weather, but mostly September isn't too bad.

This year Labor day weekend was rainy, and hot. two things that do not make folk comfortable Frown.

Part of me wanted to 'be a little crazy' and leave the AC on, but I figured if I gave in a little I would prolly keep on giving and at some point that money has to go somewhere far more useful than comfort.

1 Responses to “Picked a bad time to turn off the AC”

  1. Amy Sikes Says:

    You are definately more strong willed than I! I prefer to not live without air conditioning.

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