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Quit buying clothes

September 24th, 2011 at 06:55 pm

Long ago I stopped buying clothes. While I enjoy the fun of buying things, and feel the lure of adorable kids clothes. I also know that my kids have plenty of clothes that fit, and plenty to grow into.

I don't even save most of the stuff they outgrow for the next kid. I know my friends and family will buy or pass down plenty of clothes.

I have a few sentimental items in each size, but other than that too small stuff goes out the door.

Someone can enjoy the clothes for years before I would need it again.

Once I made it known we loved hand me downs, we were flooded with clothes, and continue you to be each season.

We still buy underware and socks, plus the occasional coat, but other than that the kids are clothed for free.

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  1. ceejay74 Says:

    Same here! Once in a while we have a weird lack (right now we only have a few longsleeve shirts but a TON of other stuff in our daughter's size), but overall the gathering of hand-me-downs works really well for us. We've been saving everything for the next kid, though you've got a good point that we probably don't need to. When we're absolutely done with something, or we have too much of one kind/size of clothing, we Freecycle or donate them to the church across the street.

    Overall I think we've bought maybe 20 pieces of clothing, and usually it was for a special occasion (for her birthday) or if we hit an unexpected situation (she was WAY too small for all the hand-me-down footie pajamas when she first came home). Most purchases were from garage sales; a few from Target; only one or two have ever been from one of those baby boutiques.

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