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Paid of dental

October 19th, 2011 at 07:49 pm

I have completely paid off the dental bill as of...well however long it takes ing to pay a bill once you tell it to do so...

Which is cool, sadly the CC will not be paid off this week. Most but not all. Prolly in two weeks. Not sure because I am not the one who pays it, I could be, but every time he shows me the info I forget.

Bad news for the week. I went camping with my daughters sleeping bag, it sucked, she needs a 20 degree or even a zero. a 40 degree bag means you wont die in 40 degree weather, since we camp down to 30 ish we really need to be a bit warmer when we sleep.

So birthday present for my younger son, Birthday party for both him and his sister, sleeping bags for the two of them, shoes for my oldest son. He keeps ruining his shoes. Not cheap, and this is why the CC will wait another two weeks.

3 Responses to “Paid of dental”

  1. Jerry Says:

    Camping without the right gear for the temperature does not lead to a load of fun, I know that from experience! Still, it's great that you get outdoors -- my daughter LOVES camping, and we are able to borrow gear that we don't have sometimes to help out. If you have the insurance of staying warm and dry at night, that is half the battle!

  2. Kissanime Says:

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